My Technology Safety Plan

My Technology Safety Plan


·       Trust your instincts. If you suspect the abusive person knows too much, it is possible that your phone number, computer, email, driving or other activities are being monitored.


·       Plan for safety. Navigating violence, abuse and stalking is very difficult and dangerous.


·       Take precautions if your have a “techy” abuser. If computers and technology are a profession or hobby for the abuser/stalker.


1.     If I feel my computer is not safe, I can ____________________________________________________ (It may be safe to use a computer at a public library, community center, or internet café). I will not use my own.


2.     If I suspect someone can access my email or IM, I can ________________________________________ (Create new email/IM from a free web-based email account, use non identifying name & account information).


3.     If I am using a cell phone provided by the abuser, I can _______________________________________ (Keep the phone off when not in use, switch the location feature off/on, get a different phone).


4.     If someone knows my password & pin number, I can _________________________________________ (Change them quickly and frequently).


5.     Minimize use of cordless phones & baby monitors, I can ______________________________________ (Turn off baby monitors and use traditional corded phone for sensitive conversations, sometimes others can hear a conversation with the use of cell phones or baby monitors).


6.     When having private calls, arranging escape plans, I will not ___________________________________ (Using shared phones/family phones, billing records might reveal my plans).


7.     Many court systems and government agencies publish records to the internet;

I will _____________________________________________ (check).

I can _____________________________________________ (Ask agencies to seal or restrict access to my files for safety).


8.     When asked for my address, I can ________________________________________________________ (I do not have to give out my address and can have a private mailbox).


9.     Major search engines may have links to my contact information, I can ___________________________ (Search for my name, check phone directory pages, unlisted numbers might be listed if I gave my number to anyone).



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